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Fansite JamesCameronOnline just wrapped up a brief interview with Alien trilogy novelization author Alan Dean Foster. In it he has some interesting ideas about how Alien 3 could have been different:

JCO: You have been quoted as saying that killing Newt was an 'obscenity'. What was your first reaction to the Alien 3 story?

ADF: Killing Newt was not only an obscenity, it removes the principal rationale for Ripley to fight to stay alive. Filmmakers love to shock, even if it goes against logic, reason, and plot. They suffer from a misguided belief that shock equates to art. This misnomer is not confined to cinema.

JCO: In one of the interviews you said that you had an idea how not to kill Newt but keep her out of the story at the same time. The burning question for fans is, what was it?

ADF: My thought in re the killing of Newt in Alien 3 was to explain that her capsule was damaged and that she would therefore have to remain in deep sleep until it could be repaired. That way, she remains alive but inactive for the duration of the story, Ripley's motivation to fight to remain alive in order to sustain her is maintained, and Newt's status being iffy (she can live or die at any time) adds another element of suspense to the film. And of course, having Newt as an older person with a unique insight into the aliens would have opened up some wonderful spin-off possibilities. But Walter Hill essentially killed off everything I tried to add to the story.

Personally, I wasn't bothered by the death of Newt and Hicks. The Alien saga, from the human standpoint, is Ripley's story. Not Newt's. And within the context of the story of Alien 3 it fit. But, I digress.

There's more to the interview to checkout over at JamesCameronOnline.

But I thought part of the point of the film was the utter sense of hopelessness in the characters and especially Ripley?

Which I why I agree with Newt's character dying (didn't much like her anyway).


JCO: What was the particular scene you spoke to James Cameron about?

ADF: The scene I spoke to Jim C. about involved the sequence where Ripley blows the alien queen out the big airlock. I can't really go into

Too bad, I'd have love to hear Alan expand on this.

Personally, Newt's death didn't bother me as much as Hicks'.  I saw Net's death as a play on the audiences emotions - much like the use of Spike as the alien host.

Quote from: dudelove on July 20, 2009, 06:43:26 PM

But I thought part of the point of the film was the utter sense of hopelessness in the characters and especially Ripley?

You're right it WAS the whole point, which makes this just another pointless attack on Alien3.  Thank god Cameron didnt get his way too, or we would have had the Ripley family vs Aliens instead.


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