Top Story: Shacknews AVP Developer Interview

Shacknews had the chance to interview Rebellion project lead for Aliens vs. Predator, Tim Jones, and producer Paul Mackman, after a closed doors screening of the Marine demo at the E3 convention last week. One of the most interesting things to come out is the unpredictable behaviour of the Alien and Predator AI:

Shack: The Aliens themselves were really the most frightening part of the original. You never really know where they’d spawn, and they moved incredibly fast. Is that unpredictable nature something you’re trying to recreate here?

Tim Jones: That’s absolutely key to it. Gamers expect a certain level of choreography these days than we were able to do back then, to get a cross the narrative. But within the key beats of the narrative, the gameplay itself is very much emergent. The Aliens in particular, and Predators, they do their own thing.

Paul Mackman: As you saw from the gameplay there, three Aliens spawn in that room, and they can kind of do whatever they want.

Tim Jones: Darting in and out of darkness and the shadow.. it does have emergent gameplay that keeps you on your toes, and it is different each time.

Paul Mackman: You’ll see something similar to that if you watch a couple of playthroughs of the Predator demo. I challenge you to see the same playthrough twice, because the AI do their own thing. They do something slightly different every time.

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