Alien Synopsis

Alien Synopsis

The Nostromo, a Weyland-Yutani commercial mining vessel, still 10 months from Earth, intercepts an alien signal from a nearby planet, Acheron, and the crew realize they are obligated to investigate under company policy ,or suffer fortiture of all shares. After landing on the planet, three crew members (Captain Dallas, Lambert and Kane), leave the ship to explore the area and find the source of the signal. Meanwhile the Nostromo’s mainframe “Mother” deciphers the message to be a warning, not a distress call. However, it’s too late to stop the away team as they have arrived at the source of the signal – a massive derelict alien spacecraft. Inside they find a sole alien corpse, thousands of years dead, and a cargo hold full of leathery egg-like structures. When Kane disturbs one of the eggs it opens and an organism attaches itself to Kane’s face, immobilizing him.

Breaking policy Ash, the ship’s science officer, allows Kane and the others back onboard and they leave the planet for the Nostromo waiting in orbit. Kane is kept in medical while Dallas and Ash decide how to get the organism off his face without killing him. It seems to feed oxygen to his lungs while clinging to his throat and face. After a failed attempt to cut the creature off, the crew finds out it has an amazing defense mechanism – concentrated acid for blood!

Then the creature seems to leave Kane’s face on it’s own and quickly dies. Ripley, the ship’s flight officer confronts Ash about allowing Kane back on board, but he avoids the issue while continuing to study the dead alien creature. Kane then wakes and seems to be fine until he begins to choke during dinner, and another alien creature bursts from his chest killing him. The first organism laid an embryo in his chest to spawn and grow. Shocked, the crew do nothing but watch the creature scurry off into the depths of the ship.

A hunt for the alien begins with motion tracking devices and electric prods, but quickly escalates to flamethrowers when Brett, the chief engineer’s assistant, is killed by a now seven foot tall alien monster. The crew quickly realize it uses the ship’s air ducts to travel, and Captain Dallas is the first to enter the shafts to flush the creature out, armed with only a flamethrower and flashlight. The alien is tracked to Dallas’s position and communication with Dallas is lost. A search of the ducts turns up only his flamethrower. No blood. No sign of Dallas.

Ripley, now in command, tries to get answers from Mother and finds that the company has ordered Ash to ensure a safe return of the alien creature to Earth for study in the bio-weapons division. Crew expendable. Ash is then discovered to be an android when he attacks Ripley, and Parker, the ships chief engineer, knocks his head off with a fire extinguisher, exposing circuitry underneath.

Ripley, Lambert and Parker decide to take their chances in the lifeboat, Narcissus, but Lambert and Parker are killed while gathering oxygen tanks for the life support system. Ripley, and the ship’s cat Jones, escape in the lifeboat and self destruct the Nostromo’s engines.

The alien is smart, however, and has stowed away in the lifeboat with Ripley. She puts on a compression suit, straps into the pilot chair, and blows the alien out of the airlock, then destroys it with the thrusters. Ripley is then left to float toward Earth with hopes of being picked up within a few weeks.