Aliens Story Synopsis

Aliens Story Synopsis

The Narcissus drifts through the depths of space with it’s only two passengers – Ripley and Jones. The sole survivors of the Nostromo have been silently waiting for rescue since Ripley set the engines of the massive starfreighter to self destruct , then escaped in the lifeboat. Their waiting has come to an end. The Narcissus is picked up by a deep space salvage team looking to claim the ship, and it’s contents, for their own.

Once Ripley is discovered to be alive she is sent to Gateway Station, a space platform orbiting Earth. There she is treated for hypersleep sickness due to her 57 years spent in the cryotube on the Narcissus. She is devastated when Carter Burke, a Weyland-Yutani company representative, tells her she floated through all the core systems and was only picked up by the deep salvage team by fluke. Ripley is plagued by nightmares of her experience with the alien creature aboard the Nostromo, even after she is released from the hospital.

Once healthy, Ripley attends an inquest into the destruction of the Nostromo, with Burke as her liaison. Ripley tries to tell the story of how the alien killed the entire crew, and was ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Nostromo. But, the company denies any interest in the xenomorph alien species, and looks to solely blame Ripley for the destruction of the Nostromo. They say that LV-426 has been inhabited for years by terra formars, without sign of a “hostile alien species”. By the end of the hearing her flight status is revoked.

Ripley finds employment as a power loader operator working the docks and tries to put her life back together, but is still haunted by the images and memories of the Nostromo. Time passes and Ripley is approached by Burke and Lt. Gorman of the the United States Colonial Marine Corps – communication with the colony on LV-426 has been lost. Burke and Gorman try to talk Ripley into accompanying the marine mission to LV-426 as an advisor, and at first she refuses outright, but after more shaking nightmares Ripley realizes she must face her fear to live past it, and agrees to join the mission.

Ripley, Burke, and the USMC platoon travel in cryosleep onboard the Sulaco, a USCMC starship, to LV-426. Shortly before they reach the planet they wake and prepare for the drop to the planet below. Ripley becomes uncomfortable when she discovers that Bishop, a Weyland-Yutani science officer accompanying the mission, is an android. The marines are briefed for what awaits them below, but most of the soldiers are arrogant and shrug off Ripley’s warnings. Once preparations are made, the platoon is flown in a dropship to the colony on LV-426. There they travel in an armored personnel carrier, then on foot into the complex.

Inside they find signs of battle, but no sign of the colonists. Later they find a young girl, nicknamed Newt, who seems to bond with Ripley. Further investigation reveals several captured – live and dead – facehuggers. Hudson eventually tracks the colonists using their personal data transmitters – they’re all under the atmosphere processor . The marines move in, but when they wake the hibernating aliens, they are quickly overpowered. Ripley takes over and rescues the surviving marines with the APC. Outside, Corporal Hicks orders the dropship to evacuate the platoon, but aliens have gotten onboard, and the dropship crashes, destroying the APC. Later, after fortifying the complex, Bishop points out that firing inside the atmosphere processor has ruptured the coolant units, and a 30 megaton explosion will occur within the next 4 hours.

The only option is to send Bishop to patch in with a portable terminal at the transmission dish, and remote pilot the other dropship from the Sulaco. The entire process is estimated at just under three and a half hours to complete – cutting it close.

Meanwhile the rest of the survivors remain alert and prepare for any alien attack. Ripley and Newt catch some sleep but are awakened by noise in their room. Facehuggers are somewhere inside the room. Ripley’s Pulse Rifle has been moved to the room outside and the door is locked. Thinking quickly, Ripley set’s off a fire alarm with a lighter, and the marines are on the way. The marines arrive and quickly take out the facehuggers. Ripley knows immediately it was Burke. She checked the colony log, Burke ordered the colonists to investigate the derelict ship without any warning of danger. Ultimately he is responsible for all the colonist deaths. His next plan was to smuggle two alien embryo’s inside Ripley and Newt, past quarantine, and live rich off the rewards of such a lucrative bio-weapon.

Before the marines can decide what to do next, the aliens cut the power to Operations. Hudson and Vasquez walk the halls with motion trackers. The signals get closer and closer until Hicks and Vasquez move inside Operations, and the door is closed and sealed with a portable welder. Strangely the signals keep getting closer, the aliens are in the ceiling and under the floor! They drop down through the ceiling and attack, but are fought off long enough to give time to fall back and try to escape to Medical.

As Hudson is moving back, the floor opens in front of him and he’s dragged down by an alien. Scared out of his mind, Burke locks the door leading to Medical, stranding the others outside. Newt finds an air duct that they can take to the landing pad were Bishop will bring the dropship down. Burke, meanwhile, is killed by an alien already inside the same room. Newt leads the way through the air duct, closely followed by Ripley. They get too far ahead of the marines to be helpful, and Vasquez and Gorman are caught surrounded by aliens with no ammunition left. Gorman takes their own lives with a grenade, killing the aliens as well.

The blast from the grenade knocks Newt down another air shaft that she, Ripley, and Hicks are trying to cross. Ripley and Hicks try tracking her down with the locator she is wearing, but the aliens take her before they can cut through the floor and get to her. On the way to the dropship Hicks is sprayed with acid blood when he is forced to shoot an alien at point blank range. Ripley helps him to the dropship and Bishop flies them to a safer landing pad. Ripley re-equipes herself to track and rescue Newt, while Bishop and Hicks wait in the dropship.

With 15 minutes before the explosion, Ripley tracks Newt’s location inside the atmosphere processor and extracts her. Along the way they stumble into an egg chamber with a 14 foot alien queen inside. Ripley fights their way out and get’s back to the dropship – but the queen is following them. Bishop takes off just in time to get away from the queen’s grasp. Bishop pilots the dropship into orbit just as the complex explodes.

Back on the Sulaco, Ripley and Bishop are shocked when the queen reappears and tears Bishop in half. She hid herself on the hull of the dropship!. A battle between Ripley in a powerloader, and the queen, ensues. Eventually Ripley manages to knock the queen into the airlock and jetisons her into space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks and what remains of Bishop go into cryosleep and head for Earth.