• Name: Ash
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Nationality: Access Denied
  • Date of Birth: Access Denied
  • Place of Birth: Access Denied
  • Identification Number: 111/C2/01X


Ash replaced the Science Officer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo on June 12, 2121. None of the other six crew members had worked with him before and nothing is known about his past. Dallas informs Ripley how Ash replaced the previous Science Officer, yet has no reason why as WY never gave him or anyone else a reason.

Ash stays aboard the Nostromo when it sets down on LV-426 nearly a year after he is assigned to the crew. During the excursion to the transmission signal lead by Dallas, Ash operates the communications systems and stays in contact with Dallas as he enters into the derelict spacecraft with Kane and Lambert. While the three are gone, Ripley realizes that the ship’s computer’s partial deciphering of the message has made the transmission seem more like a warning than a distress signal and warns Ash about it, though he dismisses her claims and neglects the implication. Dallas and Lambert eventually return to the ship with an incapacitated Kane and Ripley refuses to let them in, fearing possible contamination. After a few minutes of Lambert and Dallas pleading with her, Ash opens the inner hatch and lets them on board.

Almost immediately, Ash and Dallas begin examining Kane in the Infirmary, removing his helmet to reveal a Facehugger attached. Ash first tries to remove one of the creature’s limbs from Kane’s face, but the tail tightens around his neck. Dallas then orders Ash to try something else. He uses a cutting tool and tries to cut through one of the legs, but acid blood sprays out eating through A and B deck floors. Ash never really has any answers for those who question Kane’s status, and when Ripley confronts him alone, he still claims to have made little progress in figuring out what is really going on.

At a last dinner before returning to hypersleep, a Chestburster emerges from Kane on the table. Ash yells that Parker not touch the Xenomorph before it escapes into the ship, and watches in awe as it gets away. He designs a tracking device to aide in the capture of the creature and goes with Dallas and Lambert to attempt to locate it. While Ash is away with his team, the Xenomorph kills Brett. Dallas devises a plan to drive the Alien into an airlock by going into the vents. Ash waits with Ripley at one entrance, but Dallas disappears. He later tells Ripley that he is still collating, even after all that has happened. She finds it hard to believe and decides to access Mother now that she has official access, being the highest ranking amongst the remaining crew. Ripley discovers Special Order 937 in the computer’s database and is at a loss. Ash appears next to her and makes an off color remark. Ripley throws him against the wall and runs out of the room.

He closes the doors in front of her, trapping her with him in the galley. As Ripley tries to intervene, Ash grabs her and throws her into a small alcove. He attacks her with a magazine, forcing it into her mouth as she struggles to get away. Parker and Lambert eventually arrive at the scene, but Parker is forcibly grabbed and falls away. When he regains his composure, he throws Ash away from Ripley against a wall. During this time, Ash makes strange and inhuman noises and a stream of white liquid sprays from his mouth. Parker swings a fire extinguisher into Ash’s head, knocking it completely off as it hands by some cords from his body. It is at this point Ash is revealed to be a robot. Ripley is able to reconnect Ash to his power supply and revive him to get answers. He explains that the parameters of Special Order 937 are to bring back the life form to Weyland-Yutani. The crew is expendable. When prompted by Ripley, Ash expresses his own personal interest in the Xenomorph, giving reasons for why he thinks the creature is pure. After a snide remark made by Ash about the survivors’ chances, Ripley disconnects him. Before exiting the galley to prepare for an escape, Parker destroys Ash’s remains with his flamethrower.

Memorable Quote

“I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”