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  • Name: Ash
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Science Officer
  • Nationality: Access Denied
  • Date of Birth: Access Denied
  • Place of Birth: Access Denied
  • Identification Number: 111/C2/01X


Ash replaced the Science Officer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo on June 12, 2121. None of the other six crew members had worked with him before and nothing is known about his past. Dallas informs Ripley how Ash replaced the previous Science Officer, yet has no reason why as WY never gave him or anyone else a reason.

Ash stays aboard the Nostromo when it sets down on LV-426 nearly a year after he is assigned to the crew. During the excursion to the transmission signal lead by Dallas, Ash operates the communications systems and stays in contact with Dallas as he enters into the derelict spacecraft with Kane and Lambert. While the three are gone, Ripley realizes that the ship’s computer’s partial deciphering of the message has made the transmission seem more like a warning than a distress signal and warns Ash about it, though he dismisses her claims and neglects the implication. Dallas and Lambert eventually return to the ship with an incapacitated Kane and Ripley refuses to let them in, fearing possible contamination. After a few minutes of Lambert and Dallas pleading with her, Ash opens the inner hatch and lets them on board.

Almost immediately, Ash and Dallas begin examining Kane in the Infirmary, removing his helmet to reveal a Facehugger attached. Ash first tries to remove one of the creature’s limbs from Kane’s face, but the tail tightens around his neck. Dallas then orders Ash to try something else. He uses a cutting tool and tries to cut through one of the legs, but acid blood sprays out eating through A and B deck floors. Ash never really has any answers for those who question Kane’s status, and when Ripley confronts him alone, he still claims to have made little progress in figuring out what is really going on.

At a last dinner before returning to hypersleep, a Chestburster emerges from Kane on the table. Ash yells that Parker not touch the Xenomorph before it escapes into the ship, and watches in awe as it gets away. He designs a tracking device to aide in the capture of the creature and goes with Dallas and Lambert to attempt to locate it. While Ash is away with his team, the Xenomorph kills Brett. Dallas devises a plan to drive the Alien into an airlock by going into the vents. Ash waits with Ripley at one entrance, but Dallas disappears. He later tells Ripley that he is still collating, even after all that has happened. She finds it hard to believe and decides to access Mother now that she has official access, being the highest ranking amongst the remaining crew. Ripley discovers Special Order 937 in the computer’s database and is at a loss. Ash appears next to her and makes an off color remark. Ripley throws him against the wall and runs out of the room.

He closes the doors in front of her, trapping her with him in the galley. As Ripley tries to intervene, Ash grabs her and throws her into a small alcove. He attacks her with a magazine, forcing it into her mouth as she struggles to get away. Parker and Lambert eventually arrive at the scene, but Parker is forcibly grabbed and falls away. When he regains his composure, he throws Ash away from Ripley against a wall. During this time, Ash makes strange and inhuman noises and a stream of white liquid sprays from his mouth. Parker swings a fire extinguisher into Ash’s head, knocking it completely off as it hands by some cords from his body. It is at this point Ash is revealed to be a robot. Ripley is able to reconnect Ash to his power supply and revive him to get answers. He explains that the parameters of Special Order 937 are to bring back the life form to Weyland-Yutani. The crew is expendable. When prompted by Ripley, Ash expresses his own personal interest in the Xenomorph, giving reasons for why he thinks the creature is pure. After a snide remark made by Ash about the survivors’ chances, Ripley disconnects him. Before exiting the galley to prepare for an escape, Parker destroys Ash’s remains with his flamethrower.

Memorable Quote

“I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

Brett, S.E.

  • Name: S.E. Brett
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Engineering Technician
  • Nationality: United American
  • Date of Birth: July 13, 2069 (53)
  • Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, UA
  • Identification Number: 724/R4-06J


Brett is the Engineering Technician aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo, assigned under Parker, the Chief Engineer. He is the oldest crew member aboard, yet seems somewhat slow-witted compared to the others. He worked as a mechanic for various companies between 2085 and 2096 when he was suspended from employment with Ridton Corp for flying cargo vehicles through a war zone in Iranistan. He was subsequently treated for alcoholism and completed a five-month treatment course in December of 2096.

In September of the next year, he was assigned as the Assistant Engineer aboard the deep-sea vessel, the Ozymandias. Years later in May of 2108, Brett graduated from the Houston School of Astrophysics and Interstellar Engineering. Two months later he was assigned as Assistant Engineer aboard the Weyland-Yutani waste disposal craft, USCSS Corazon Oscuro. In 2111 he failed a blood alcohol test. He then received brain damage from the detox procedure. After completing fourteen months of therapy in 2113 on Titan, his flight status was restored and he stayed to work as an assistant engineer at a WY fusion reactor facility. He was later assigned as an Engineering Technician aboard the Wyoming USCSS Nonnabo, where he worked under Parker.

On September 10, 2120, Brett joins the crew of the Nostromo as the Engineering Tech with Parker who serves as the Chief Engineer. The two of them are somewhat disconnected from the other five crew members, spending most of their time on C-Deck. They are the only crewmembers that have previously worked together. In 2122, the Nostromo receives an assumed distress signal from a beacon on LV-426, a non-surveyed moon at the time. Brett and Parker both attempt to negotiate salary bonuses for landing, but are refused by Dallas and ordered to comply. Brett works with Parker to repair damages to the ship upon setting down, and is mostly successful.

When Kane is brought back with an attached Facehugger, Brett keeps quiet in bewilderment. When the Nostromo lifts off, Kane gives birth to a Chestburster, which escapes into the ship. Brett designs a battery-powered cattle prod device, which is implemented to shock at touch. During the search for the Xenomorph with Parker and Ripley, Brett lets the ship’s cat escape the reach of the large net they are carrying. Parker chastises him for not realizing that they would pick the cat’s signal up on their tracking device again. Brett subsequently goes off on his own to search for Jones in the bowels of the ship, in the landing leg retraction chambers. During his search, Brett recovers a shed skin from the growing creature, not knowing it has already reached full size. When he finally finds the cat, the Xenomorph quietly drops down from the air shafts and stands up behind him. Brett seems completely dumbfounded and in awe of the creature upon turning around to see it. The Xenomorph releases its inner jaw into his skull and carries him upwards and out of sight as he screams. Parker and Ripley hear the scream and enter the chamber after he has been taken away.

During the countdown sequence of the self-destruct mechanism, Ripley discovers Brett in the landing leg chamber, cocooned. He is being transformed into a Xenomorph egg.

Memorable Quote

“You see, Mr. Parker and I feel that the bonus situation has never been on an… equitable level.”

Dallas, A. J.

  • Name: A.J. Dallas
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Captain
  • Nationality: United Americas
  • Date of Birth: February 27, 2076 (46)
  • Place of Birth: Wolf Point, Montana, UA
  • Identification Number: 032/V4-07C


Dallas is the captain of the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo and commands his crew with a no-nonsense attitude. He is one of the more older and experienced crew members on board the ship. He graduated from Mercaton Flight Academy at age twenty-three on May 15, 2099, and became a pilot and navigator on the USCSS Snark the next year in March.

In January of 2103 he was assigned to the UTX Ganymede until he served in the United Americas Outer Rim Defense as a Lieutenant, piloting the UAS Leviathan during the Torin Prime Civil War. He was awarded Sunburst Medal of Honor and promoted to Captain by the end of the war in 2108. On December 25, 2109, the UAS Archangel troop carrier, which Dallas was the captain of, was destroyed near Thedus on a peacekeeping mission resulting in the loss of 15,293 lives. Dallas was dishonorably discharged from the WORD a week later.

He became a smuggler aboard the Vidar in 2113 before working for Weyland-Yutani a year later as a freelance cargo hauler with his own ship, the Tremolino. The Tremolino was decommissioned in December of 2119. One month later, Dallas was given command of the Nostromo.

Two years later, the Nostromo’s crew is prematurely awakened on their way back to Earth to investigate a distress signal of unknown origin. Dallas asserts his authority when Parker and Brett demand full shares to land on the planet, as they believe it’s not their job. Specifically, Dallas orders Parker’s silence when Ash explains their contractual obligations.

He consults the ship’s computer and lands the Nostromo on the surface of LV-426, an uncharted moon in 2122. He selects Kane and Lambert to accompany him across the planet’s surface to the location of the beacon, leaving the rest of the crew at the ship. Constant contact is kept with Ash during the trek. Eventually, the search party encounters a large derelict spacecraft, which is inhuman in origin. They discover a dead alien crewmember inside with a hole in its ribcage, the bones bent outward from its body. Kane discovers an opening in the floor of a large chamber and is lowered down from a winch by Dallas and Lambert. Kane is incapacitated by a Facehugger while in the chamber.

Dallas and Lambert carry Kane back to the Nostromo, but are denied entry by Ripley, who does not want to break quarantine. Dallas orders Ripley to open the hatch, but she still refuses. Ash eventually opens the hatch from the inside and lets the three back aboard. Dallas and Ash remove Kane’s helmet and reveal the Facehugger. On Dallas’s order, Ash attempts to remove the organism from Kane’s face, but it bleeds acid onto the deck. The Nostromo remains on the planet’s surface while Parker and Brett make repairs.

During this time, Ripley and Dallas have a conversation about Ash and Ripley’s distrust of him after the Facehugger’s removal from Kane. Dallas states that he does not trust anyone. He and the other crewmembers lament that when they return to Earth they will all be kept in quarantine. When the Kane awakes, the crew has one last meal in the galley. Kane gives birth to a Chestburster and is ejected into space.

Dallas, Lambert, and Ash search the upper decks for the creature while the other three crew members search C-Deck. Brett is killed and Dallas devises a plan to flush the Xenomorph from the ship from the air vents, where they believe it is hiding. Ripley and Ash cover one end of the vents while Parker and Lambert cover another end. Dallas enters the vents armed with a flamethrower and moves towards the third junction, but Lambert detects a second signal on the motion tracker she is using, which is no doubt the Xenomorph moving toward him. Lambert loses the signal when Dallas arrives at the third junction, but then detects it moving in his direction once again. Dallas discovers slime on the floor at his position and decides to get out of the vents. He climbs down a ladder, but the Xenomorph is waiting nearby and the crew loses contact.

Later when Ripley is abandoning ship, she encounters Dallas in the landing leg chamber that Brett was killed in. He is still alive, but is undergoing the transformation process into a Xenomorph egg. Ripley asks what she can do to help, but Dallas tells her to kill him until she does so with the flamethrower.

Memorable Quote

“I don’t trust anybody.”

Kane, G. W.

  • Name: G.W. Kane
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Engineer
  • Nationality: United Kingdom/EU (Dual Citizenship)
  • Date of Birth: April 20, 2083 (39)
  • Place of Birth: Borehamwood/Herts, UK/EU
  • Identification Number: 825/G9-01K


Kane is the Executive Officer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo serving under Dallas, the ship’s captain. Kane is one of the more soft-spoken crewmembers; although he does assert his authority when need be. Kane’s future at first seemed promising when at age 17 he graduated with honors from Weatherly Private School in May 2100. Four years later, he graduated from Gunning Foss Military School, again with honors at the top of his class. During the next four years, Kane was enrolled at Bryce-Watkins Medical School, but was expelled in February of 2108 for substance abuse. He was successfully treated for stress and drug-induced embolism.

In 2112, Kane began a year spent on Konor Minor at an archeological dig. He met Dr. Elisabeth Monygham during this time and married her two years later. A year after their marriage, Monygham was killed on Kellerat (LB-329) in a decompression accident. Only months later, in December, Kane was assigned to the UK/EU Colonial Expedition to the Outer Rim Territories. He was assigned as the mission analyst. Two years later Kane was assigned to the UK/EU HMS Sabretooth as First Officer. He started working for Weyland-Yutani a year later when he was assigned to the WY USCSS Kenamor as Executive Officer. Kane served on the Kenamor for a little over a year when on January 5, 2120, he was assigned as the Executive Officer aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Lambert was assigned the same day as the ship’s Navigator.

Kane exemplifies good leadership traits during his time on the Nostromo and takes his job seriously. In 2122, the Nostromo’s computer wakes the crew; Kane is the first to wake. He accompanies Dallas and Lambert on an excursion across the surface of LV-426 to investigate a transmission of unknown origin. The three discover a derelict, non-human spacecraft on the surface. Kane encourages an uneasy Lambert to push on and investigate the ship first hand, and also is the first to discover the Space Jockey inside the ship. Upon closer investigation, Kane finds an opening in the floor near the dead creature and is lowered down via a rope attached to a winch. He further explores the large egg-filled chamber below, but as he is describing his settings to Dallas he slips and falls onto the ground with the eggs. Confirming that he is not injured, he approaches a solitary egg, studying it and describing it to Dallas. The egg stirs and opens, and as he approaches it, weapon drawn, a Facehugger pounces out and incapacitates him.

Dallas and Lambert carry his body back to the Nostromo, where Ash disobeys a direct order from Ripley and lets them in. Dallas and Ash are able to cut Kane’s helmet off to find that the Facehugger is directly attached to his face, having melted through his helmet with acid. After some unsuccessful attempts to remove it, the Facehugger detaches itself and dies in the infirmary.

Kane eventually becomes conscious, but when asked, claims he has no memory of LV-426 and only remembers a dream about “smothering.” During one last meal before re-entering hypersleep, the crew laugh and joke in the galley. As Kane laughs, he begins to choke and convulse. Parker and the others try to hold him down and a first spurt of blood comes out of his chest. Another short struggle takes place ending in a Chestburster emerging from Kane. The birth kills him instantly. The Chestburster runs from Kane’s twitching body and escapes into the ship. A speechless crew ejects his body into space.

Memorable Quote

“Wait a minute. There’s movement. There seems to be life… organic life.”

Lambert, J. M.

  • Name: J.M. Lambert
  • Gender: Female
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Navigator
  • Nationality: United American
  • Date of Birth: November 7, 2093 (29)
  • Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada, UA
  • Identification Number: 971/L6-02P


Lambert is the Nostromo’s navigator. She is known for her cowardly attitude and reluctance to follow Ripley’s orders. She received a Masters in Astro Cartography in May of 2112 from the New Ontario University. She began an internship about a month later at Ridton Corporation in the Astro Cartography Department in London and a few months later married the director of the department, Xander Chapman. Lambert soon began working as a shipping lane trafficator for Farside Lunar Mining on Luna and did so for about two years.

When she finished her assignment there in February of 2114, she divorced Xander Chapman. Lambert was assigned to Red Star Line that same month to work on the Infinity as the Assistant Navigator. About a year later she was assigned to the Ridton Corp vessel Leggatt as the Navigator and Communications Officer.

After three years, she married Lordan Husset, the ship’s Executive Officer and divorced him two years later after working on the Weyland-Yutani scout ship Adowa. Two days after the divorce in January of 2120, Lambert was assigned to the Nostromo along with Kane.

When the Nostromo receives a distress signal in 2122 and the crew is awakened, Lambert discovers where the ship has actually ended up. After hearing the transmission, Dallas and Kane volunteer to exit the ship and travel on foot to the source of the signal. Dallas volunteers Lambert to go as well. Lambert tends to be more apprehensive about the whole thing and suggests the team turn back as they approach the derelict ship, though Dallas asserts his authority and tells her to knock it off. She and Dallas wait as Kane explores the bowels of the craft, and the two end up having to carry Kane’s incapacitated body back to the Nostromo.

Lambert, Dallas, and Ripley share a heated exchange when Ripley refuses to allow the three to re-enter the ship. Lambert attacks Ripley in the infirmary shortly after Ash lets them in. As new developments with Kane occur, the Nostromo re-enters space and continues its course. Lambert estimates a ten-month journey back to Earth where they crew believes they will be quarantined. When Kane regains consciousness, the crew decides to have a final meal before going back into hypersleep. When Kane is killed at the table, a stream of his blood shoots right into Lamberts face, horrifying her. Later, she accompanies Ash and Dallas on their attempt to hunt down the Chestburster, but they end up finding nothing and gather in the galley when Brett is killed.

After planning an attempt at flushing the Alien out of the air ducts, Lambert waits with Parker at one end of the vent shafts and maintains contact with Dallas until he himself disappears. At this point, Lambert becomes a nervous wreck. She and Parker intervene when Ash attacks Ripley later, though Lambert waits until Ash is on top of Parker to actually do anything. She takes the cattle prod that Brett constructed and decommissions Ash. Lambert stands by with Parker as Ripley gets answers out of Ash. Ripley finally decides that they will have to take their chances in the Narcissus, which means that Parker and Lambert need to gather coolant from other parts of the Nostromo.

While the two are separated from Ripley on C Deck, Lambert turns to see the Alien enter the room and enters a state of shock. Parker pleads with her to move away so he doesn’t kill her along with the Xenomorph, but she is too scared to budge. He tries to attack the Alien from behind but is easily overpowered as Lambert watches. At this point Ripley is already on her way to help. The Alien turns to Lambert and Ripley hears the disturbing sounds of her death over the com channels before discovering her body.

Memorable Quote

“I like griping.”