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Parker, J. T.

  • Name: J.T. Parker
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Chief Engineer
  • Nationality: United American
  • Date of Birth: February 4, 2080 (42)
  • Place of Birth: San Diego, California, UA
  • Identification Number: 313/S4-08M


Parker is the Chief Engineer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo, with Brett serving as the only staff member working under him. Parker is somewhat aggressive and over-confident. He can be seen early on attempting to negotiate a pay raise with Dallas after the crew wakes from hyper sleep.

His career began at age 21 when he worked on Speedy Maxx High Speed Aerofoil Racing team for four years. After quitting due to a salary dispute, he was recruited into the United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet as a mechanic. Parker was in the Torin Prime civil war in the Outer Rim Territories. He was captured and imprisoned by J’har Rebels at Concentration Camp GR-161. Parker’s skill was put to the test when he was able to construct an EEV out of scrap materials and escape from Torin Prime during the liberation. Parker received an honorable discharge after the conflict and returned to Earth.

He spent three and a half years at the San Diego School of Astro-Engineering, but dropped out in 2113 before receiving his degree. Several months later Parker began working as a freelance mechanic/engineer for MexCorp. He was eventually assigned to the United Americas light speed accelerator threshold, the Neptune. In May of 2115, he was assigned as Assistant Engineer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Otago. Two years later he was assigned as Engineer aboard the Wyoming cargo vessel, USCSS Nonnabo, where he eventually worked with Brett.

On September 10, 2120, Parker and Brett both join the crew of the WY USCSS Nostromo. Parker is assigned as the Chief Engineer. When the Nostromo crew is awakened, Parker attempts to negotiate a salary increase, yet is turned down by Dallas. Parker and Brett both stay aboard the ship while Dallas, Lambert, and Kane investigate the assumed distress beacon they were awakened for. During this time, Parker and Brett make repairs to the ship sustained during the rough landing on LV-426.

Kane is eventually brought back to the ship with a Facehugger attached and Parker suggests adamantly that they just freeze him during the trip back to Earth. When Ash causes acid to spill onto the floor, Parker follows the others in tracking its progress eating through the deck floors. When Kane finally wakes up, the crew decides to eat one last meal before returning to hypersleep. Kane begins choking and convulsing at the table. Parker assists in trying to stabilize the screaming Kane, but he struggles too hard. A Chestburster emerges from Kane’s body and Parker raises a knife to attack, but is stopped by a frantic Ash.

It is Parker who carries the large net during his search for the Xenomorph with Brett and Ripley. After they fix a light in the area they are searching they pick up a signal on their tracker only to find Jones, the ship’s cat, inside a locker. When Brett lets the cat escape, Parker orders him to bring it back so they do not pick its signal up later. Parker and Ripley hear Brett’s screams from an adjacent chamber, and enter only to see the Xenomorph carry him away. Parker reaches up towards the light, but Brett’s blood drips down onto his shirt. Dallas later devises a plan to drive the Xenomorph out of the vents and into an airlock. Parker waits with Lambert at the end of one of the vent openings, but Dallas disappears. Parker goes in after him, only to find his flamethrower lying in the shaft. He emphasizes that there was no blood at the scene.

Ripley gathers the remaining four crewmembers together to figure out what to do next. Parker interrupts her train of thought, causing her to angrily scream at him, but they eventually conclude that they will proceed with Dallas’s plan of flushing it from the air vent. Ripley decides to consult the ship’s computer before proceeding further. Parker discovers Ash attacking Ripley in the galley and attempts to intervene, but is grabbed on the chest by Ash, causing him to recoil in pain. He eventually regains his strength, and grabs Ash, throwing him into a wall. While Ash is indisposed, Parker smashes his head clean off with a fire extinguisher, leaving it hanging on by some cords and revealing that he is an android. After a moment, Ash begins attacking Parker again but is shocked by Lambert with the Brett-designed electric cattle prod. When Ripley reconnects Ash, Parker finally asks her to pull the plug and she disconnects the android. Parker torches the remains with his flamethrower.

Ripley decides that they will indeed take their chances in the Nostromo’s shuttle and gives Parker and Lambert seven minutes to gather coolant while she makes the preparations to detonate the ship’s engine. After a few minutes of frantically gathering canisters of coolant, the Xenomorph appears near Lamber. The positioning of the creature in front of Lambert makes it impossible for Parker to use his flamethrower without killing her and he pleads with her to get out of the way. Meanwhile, Ripley listens in on the commotion through the ship’s communications channels and begins running to help. Parker decides to stand up and make an attempt to batter the Xenomorph, but is knocked aside by its tail. He tries to get up, but is held down by the creature while desperately trying to get away. During the short struggle, the Xenomorph slowly opens its jaws and releases them into Parker’s head, killing him. By the time Ripley reaches their location, Parker and Lambert are both dead at the scene.

Memorable Quote

“We ain’t outta here in ten minutes we won’t need no rocket to fly through space.”

Ripley, Ellen L.

  • Name: E.L. Ripley
  • Gender: Female
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Flight Officer
  • Nationality: United American
  • Date of Birth: January 7, 2092 (30)
  • Place of Birth: Olympia, Luna, UA
  • Identification Number: 759/L2-01N


Ripley serves as a Warrant Officer and third in command on the Nostromo. She works by the book and has a no-nonsense attitude as she takes her job seriously. At age 23 Ripley graduated from Evansbrook Academy at the top of her class and had promising grades in ethics, law, and corporate affairs. She was recruited and accepted into the Weyland-Yutani Horizons Beyond Officer Training Program a month later in June and successfully completed the program with honors the following December. Two months before completing the course, she was responsible for negotiating an end to a hostage crisis on a WY shuttle named Erebus. Her actions resulted in the conviction of eight terrorists. Nearly fifty lives were rescued on her behalf.

After completing the Officer Training program, Ripley served on a number of Weyland-Yutani ships. She served as Junior Warrant Officer aboard the Kurtz for almost a year, followed by the USCSS Sephora for almost two years on which she was a Warrant Officer. In November of 2119 she again served as Warrant Officer aboard the USCSS Sotillo until August 20, 2120 when she joined the crew of the Nostromo en route to Thedus.

When the crew is awakened from hypersleep in 2122 to investigate a presumed distress signal, Ripley mainly becomes responsible for watching the ship while Dallas and Kane are absent. During this time she takes the initiative to actually try and decipher the transmission the Nostromo has received. When she discovers that it seems more like a warning than a distress signal she notifies Ash, who is observing the search party. Ash dismisses her claims and assures her that it is too late to notify the three explorers anyway.

Ripley further exemplifies her by-the-book leadership style when Dallas and Lambert return to the Nostromo with an incapacitated Kane. She notices that a foreign organism is attached and refuses to allow entry, even when Dallas orders her to open the hatch. Ash intervenes and opens the airlock anyway, bringing Kane and the Facehugger on board the ship. Lambert begins harboring something of a grudge against Ripley and Dallas is also angered by her disobedience.

Furthermore, Ripley becomes increasingly more suspicious of Ash and confronts him alone as he studies Kane. When the Facehugger removes itself from Kane, Ripley, Dallas, and Ash search the infirmary to find that it has died. Ripley expresses her opinion to destroy or dispose of the creature, but Dallas leaves the decision to Ash, which bothers Ripley. She later learns of Ash replacing the previous science officer only shortly before the Nostromo’s departure.

Parker and Brett finish their repairs and the Nostromo leaves LV-426 to rejoin with its orbiting payload. As the crew laments the fact that they will probably be quarantined because of Kane, he regains consciousness and relieves the crew of their anxiety. They decide to eat one last meal in the galley before re-entering hypersleep, but Kane is killed by the Chestburster within him, which Ash lets escape.

After jettisoning Kane’s body, the crew splits up into two teams to search for the creature. Ripley joins Parker and Brett, who share a mutual disrespect of her. The three enter C Deck and begin reading signals on Ash’s motion detector. After Parker and Brett repair a damaged light in the area, they approach a locker where the signal is coming from. They open the locker, but Jones the cat startles them and Brett allows him to escape. Parker sends him off to find him and waits with Ripley. After a few minutes they hear Brett’s screams and run into a landing leg chamber to catch a final glimpse of him being lifted into the air ducts by the full grown Xenomorph.

The remaining five crewmembers gather in the galley to plan again on getting rid of the Alien. Dallas volunteers to enter the ducts and flush the Alien out so they can kill it. Ripley and Ash are paired at one end and Parker and Lambert wait at another, both teams with motion detectors. Dallas makes it to the third junction in the vents. They lose contact with him shortly after he reaches this area and Ripley then becomes the highest-ranking crewmember with access to Mother, the computer.

The remaining four crewmembers are tense, and it shows as they clash in another meeting in the galley. Parker and Lambert both seem to be somewhat skeptical of Ripley’s leadership abilities, and Ash will not give her a straight answer. She dismisses Parker to refuel a flamethrower and makes her way to Mother to gather information. After searching the ship’s memory, Ripley discovers “Special Order 937,” which explains that the crew is expendable and the company has known about the Xenomorph all along. Her investigation is interrupted by Ash, who attacks her in the galley. Parker eventually comes to the rescue, but is overpowered by Ash. He returns and smashes Ash’s head with a fire extinguisher. Ash is then revealed to be an android whose only objective is to make sure the Xenomorph is kept alive. Ripley decides to destroy Ash and take a chance in the shuttle with Parker and Lambert.

The new and final plan is to ignite the Nostromo’s engines and escape as soon as possible. Parker and Lambert make their way to C Deck to gather coolant for the Narcissus as Ripley prepares it for departure. She eventually hears the screams of Parker and Lambert over the open COM cannels, but arrives at the scene too late to save anyone. Ripley frantically scrambles about the ship initiating the destruct sequence, trying to find Jones, and finally trying to deactivate the destruct sequence.

At one point while Ripley runs through the ship she hears moaning and comes upon a barely coherent Dallas and the remains of Brett as they are being transformed into Alien eggs in the bowels of the ship. After a disturbing exchange, Ripley kills Dallas and destroys the rest of the cocoon. She makes it to the Narcissus with Jones and just enough time to get to a minimum safe distance as the Nostromo with its cargo detonate in space. Ripley, feeling completely relieved, begins to initiate some of the systems on the shuttle when the Xenomorph reveals its presence on board.

She hides in a small closet, puts a space suit on, and loads a spear gun before exiting the closet. As the Xenomorph passively waits in its own hiding place, Ripley straps herself into a chair and begins hitting switches that blow steam from pipes around the interior of the shuttle. The steam finally hits the Alien, which springs from its location and starts moving towards Ripley. She goes into a state of shock for a moment before opening the airlock, which sucks out some cargo, and the Xenomorph, which grabs the sides of the threshold. Ripley fires the speargun and shuts the airlock, but the cord attached is shut in the hatch and the Alien tries to get back on board through one of the engines.

The Alien finally meets its death when Ripley punches the thrusters and vaporizes it. Ripley sends out one final transmission giving a brief account of her ordeal before finally going into hypersleep.

Memorable Quote

“We’ll move in pairs. We’ll go step by step and cut off every bulkhead and every vent until we have it cornered. And then we’ll blow it the fuck out into space.”

Weapons and Equipment

Compression Suit

The MK 50 compression suit is an extravehicular space suit used anytime a crew member must work in a low pressure environment (outer space or low pressure atmosphere). Dallas, Lambert and Kane wear compression suits to walk to the derelict ship on Acheron in order to investigate the source of an alien transmission Mother encountered while in cryosleep. Later, when Ripley realizes the Alien has stowed away on board the Narcissus, she wears a compression suit in order to depressurize the shuttle and blow the creature out the airlock.


Due to the extreme vastness of space, even with state-of-the-art engines and other advances in interstellar vehicles, travelers are required to stay in cryogenic hibernation during each trip. These “cryotubes” operate on compressed gases and can keep occupants in suspended animation for a virtually unlimited amount of time.

The crew of the Nostromo, as well as the Marines on board the Sulaco, utilize cryotubes during their spaceflights. Ripley suffers from hibernation sickness after escaping the Nostromo and remains in cryosleep for 57 years. Her shuttle, the Narcissus, drifts through the core systems and was luckily found by a deep space salvage team decades after she set the engines of the Nostromo to destruct. Later, after escaping another encounter with Aliens on LV-426, Ripely once again experiences hibernation sickness, but this time due to a sudden and abrupt awakening from cryosleep when her Emergency Escape Vehicle crash lands on Fury 161 after an Alien starts a fire on the Sulaco.

Over 200 years later the United Systems Military hire smugglers from the ship The Betty to hijack cryotubes from an unsuspecting spacecraft in order to use the captured crew to breed Aliens for their bioweapons program.

Electric Prod

Brett rigs an electric prod to be used as a weapon to round up the chestburster. It’s powered by a portable battery and produces a strong, but non-fatal, shock. The plan is to corner the Alien and force it into a net, then shoot it out the airlock into space. Two products are rigged and the crew splits into two teams to search for the alien. The prods are later abandoned for the more powerful flamethrowers, rigged by Parker, when Brett is killed by the full grown seven foot tall Alien.


  • Name: Flamethrower
  • Class: Incendiary Unit
  • Fuel: Pressurized, Ultra-Thickened Naphtha
  • Length: 88 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Maximum Burst: 20 seconds
  • Maximum Effective Range: 30 metres

After Brett is killed by the mature alien adult Parker rigs two flame units to be used to force the creature into the air lock so it can be driven into space. After Dallas is killed in the air shafts, attempting to carry out this plan, the strategy is ultimately abandoned and Ripley decides that taking their chances in the Narcissus would be the best course of action.

While Parker and Lambert are gathering oxygen for the escape shuttle the Alien attacks, and with Lambert in Parker’s direct line-of-fire, he is unable to use his flamethrower to protect her. In a last ditch effort Parker rushes the Alien only to be knocked aside by it’s impressively powerful tail. The Alien kills Parker then turns its attention back to Lambert who dies a horribly painful death. Ripley arrives on the scene too late to help either of her crewmates and flees to carry out the shuttle escape plan on her own.

Medical Equipment

Ash uses a variety of medical equipment on Kane in an attempt to learn about the alien organism and determine how to remove it safely from his face. A laser scalpel is used to cut Kane’s compression suit helmet off, a bio-scanner reveals the alien embryo in his chest, and several pieces of equipment are used to examine the dead facehugger, including a microscope.

Motion Tracker (Alien)

Ash builds a motion tracking device to help find the chestburster, then later the adult alien in the air shafts. The tracker senses changes in air pressure caused by movement (micro-changes in air density) and displays the results on a built in screen. The tracker is effective despite its limited maximum range (approximately 5 metres).

Self Destruct System

A last resort for abandoning the the Nostromo, the self destruct system turns off the cooling units to the ship’s engines. After 10 minutes the engines overhead sufficiently to explode, destroying the ship in a massive explosion. There is a five minute window of opportunity to re-engage the cooling units, after which it is impossible to stop the countdown. Ripley’s plan is to use the self destruct system to try to destroy the Alien and then escape in the Narcissus. After finding her path to the shuttle blocked by the Alien, Ripley attempts, unsuccessfully, to cancel the destruct sequence. With less than five minutes until certain death Ripley boards the escape shuttle and clears the blast with no time to spare. Unbeknown to her the Alien is also on board the Narcissus.