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Alien 3 Story Synopsis

After the escape from LV-426 Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop depart for Earth while in cryosleep. Not long into their journey something goes wrong. Xenomorph eggs are onboard the Sulaco! A facehugger attempts to access the dormant crew, but is cut by the cryotube glass, spilling acid blood onto the floor, causing an electrical fire. Emergency measures are initiated and the cryotubes are ejected in an Emergency Escape Vehicle, or EEV, then into space. The EEV drifts toward a nearby planet – Fiorina ‘Fury’ 161. The barren planet houses an aging Weyland-Yutani maximum security work-prison, scheduled for closure, but kept open with prisoners as a custodial presence, strangely by their own request. All the prisoners are double Y chromosome inmates. Murders. Rapists. Degenerates of society.

The EEV crashes into a body of water, not far from the prison. Quickly Andrews, the prison administrator, orders the inmates to retrieve the EEV and find if there are any survivors. Murphy, one of the prisoners, leaves his dog, Spike, in the EEV while a crane lifts the wreckage to shore. Inside the EEV, however, is a facehugger looking to implant its embryo.

When the EEV is finally set down and the cryotubes are checked, there is found to be only one survivor – Ripley. Hicks has been impaled by a steel girder, Newt drowned in her cryotube, and Bishop is smashed beyond working capacity. Ripley is taken to the infirmary under the supervision of Clemens, the chief medical officer for the installation. Ripley is unconscious for some time and Clemens takes a stern lecture from Andrews about keeping her out of sight from the inmates. It has been years since any of them have even seen a female. Even though they have all taken a vow of celibacy, and embraced religion, they’re all still criminals.

When Ripley does wake, Clemens tells her the unfortunate news that the others are dead. Ripley insists on seeing the body of Newt. Clemens hesitates but eventually complies. Ripley showers and shaves her head as the installation has a significant lice problem. Afterward, Clemens shows her Newt’s body. Ripley is upset, but asks that Clemens perform an autopsy. Coerced by a lie about an infectious disease, Clemens again gives in, and to Ripley’s relief Newt is found to have indeed drowned. Wanting further precautions taken Ripley requests the bodies be cremated. The autopsy is then interrupted by Andrews and his assistant Aaron (nicknamed 85 due to his IQ of the same number). Andrews is clearly upset that Ripley has left the infirmary without his permission, let alone an autopsy has been performed without his knowledge. After another lie about infectious diseases, Andrews consents to the cremation.

As the work-prison is also a leadworks, the furnaces are heated up for the cremation. During the funeral, Dillon, who seems to be the spiritual leader of the prison contingent, says a few words. He speaks of death and new life. Perfect timing as Spike the dog is writhing in pain – an alien embryo is hatching! By the end of the ceremony a new xenomorph creature has been born, significantly different from those seen before, as the host was canine.

Later, while cleaning an air duct, Murphy is killed by the alien creature and sucked into a ventilation fan, shredding his body, making it look like an accident. Clemens finds strange burn marks at the scene, he notes they’re similar to those on Ripley’s cryotube. Andrews blames Ripley for the incident, implying that the prisoners are thinking more about a women instead of what they’re supposed to be doing, and orders her confined to the infirmary. Suspicious of the death, Ripley finds the battered Bishop in the trash yard and reactivates him long enough to find out that an alien was on the Sulaco, and it did follow them down on the EEV. Later the xenomorph kills two more prisoners while they are scavenging in some of the prison’s tunnels. A third prisoner is brought back to the infirmary raving about a “dragon”, covered in blood. This time he is blamed for the deaths as he is a known multiple murderer.

While Ripley talks to Clemens about her theory, the alien enters the infirmary and kills him. It then approaches Ripley, but leaves her untouched. Terrified Ripley heads to the mess hall where Andrews is conducting “rumor control”. She tries to warn them about the creature, but Andrews orders Aaron to take her back to the infirmary. Suddenly the alien strikes out of the air duct and grabs Andrews killing him. At this point Aaron and the inmates need no further convincing about the existence of the alien creature.

The group discusses several options to kill the beast, all of which are abandoned due to the lack of resources available in the decrepit installation. Finally, Ripley and Dillon decide if they use fire to drive the alien into a toxic waste storage unit, they’ll be able to trap it there. A highly flammable and unsteady compound, quintricetyline, that is being stored in the prison, will be used. By spreading the compound across the alien’s general territory, flares will be used to ignite the chemical and flush the creature into the storage room, locking it behind a 6-inch thick steel door. Unfortunately, as the plan is being implemented, the alien kills an inmate carrying a bucket of the chemical and a flare. When the flare strikes the floor a massive explosion, and fire, rips through the prison killing many of the inmates.

After the fire is out Ripley decides to go to the EEV for a bio-scan, as she’s been feeling ill. There she discovers she has an alien queen developing inside her! She asks Dillon to kill her and he agrees, but not before the creature is killed first. The next plan involves luring the alien into the leadworks piston chamber and forcing it into the mold. From there pouring hot lead on it should kill it. The bait this time – them. The inmates must allow the alien to chase them, bringing it closer to the piston chamber each time by closing the channel doors behind them. Several more inmates are killed before the creature is eventually brought into the piston chamber. But, a panicky inmate starts the piston prematurely, and the plan is forced into action. Dillon and Ripley try to climb out of the mold to leave the alien behind, but as they start to climb out so does the creature. Dillon stays in the mold to hold it there, and Ripley cries out that he promised to kill her before the embryo did. Dillon tells her: “God will take care of you now”. The alien charges Dillon and they battle briefly until the lead is poured down onto both. A sense of safety is cut short, however, as the alien bursts out of the lead and chases Ripley up the leadworks water piping system. Finding herself in the right position Ripley signals to one of the inmates, Morse, to release the water (used to cool the lead) and the alien implodes as the lead left on it’s body cools and shrinks.

The dispatched Weyland-Yutani rescue team arrives, greeted by Aaron who has been waiting at the prison entrance. The Company is very interested in the queen inside Ripley. Aaron shows the team to the leadworks where Ripley and Morse are. A man, who looks much like Bishop, speaks for the team. He tries to deceive Ripley into believing they can surgically remove the embryo from her safely. Ripley challenges him and Michael Bishop admits it is an excellent specimen for the bio-weapons division. Shocked that ‘The Company’ is more interested in the alien than its own people, Aaron hits Bishop with a pipe, but is gunned down by company soldiers with Pulse Rifles. Ripley decides to take matters into her own hands and leaps off the leadworks platform, into the furnace, just as the Queen begins to hatch. She holds it into place as they plummet to a fiery death. Morse, the only survivor, is taken back to Earth with the Weyland-Yutani team and the installation is sealed permanently.

Alien 3 Awards and Nomination

1993 Academy Awards

Oscar Nomination, Best Visual Effects

  • Richard Edlund
  • George Gibbs
  • Alec Gillis
  • Tom Woodruff Jr.

1993 British Academy Awards

BAFTA Film Award Nomination, Best Special Effects

  • Richard Edlund
  • George Gibbs
  • Alec Gillis
  • Tom Woodruff Jr.

1993 Hugo Awards

  • Hugo Award Nomination, Best Dramatic Presentation: Alien 3

1993 MTV Movie Awards

  • MTV Movie Award Nomination, Best Action Sequence: Alien chase through tunnel

Total Nominations: 4.
Total Awards: 0.

Alien 3 Trivia

This section includes both common and little known trivia about Alien 3, including outtake information, cast secrets, director quirks, and more:

  1. Multiple proposed scripts caused misleading advertising which implied that the movie would be set on Earth.
  2. William Gibson also drafted a script in which Ripley spent most of the film in a coma.
  3. Original script had the alien impregnating a ox, not a dog. This idea was scrapped after the crew found out a dog was easier to train than a ox.
    Although the alien that hatched from the dog was a rod puppet, early filmed tests used an actual dog in an alien costume.
  4. Hungarian title translated back to English: Final Solution: Death.
    The entire making of alien cost less than Sigourney Weaver’s salary for Alien 3.*


  • Internet Movie Database: Alien 3 (1992).
  • *Brett Jenkins submitted this information taken from the documentary Alien: Evolution aired on the BBC.

Miscellaneous Information on Alien 3


  • The bitch is back.
  • Three times the terror.
  • 3 times the suspense. 3 times the danger. 3 times the terror.
  • This time it’s hiding in the most terrifying place of all.
  • Start running…again.
  • In 1979 it came from within. In 1986 it was gone forever. In 1992 our worst fears have come true. It’s back.

Alternative Titles

  • Alien 3 (Alternate spelling)
  • Alien 3 – Die Wiedergeburt (German title)
  • A végső megoldás: a Halál (Hungarian title)


  • Germany
    • Theatrical Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox of Germany
  • Spain
    • Theatrical Distributor: Manuel Salvador
  • UK
    • Video Distributor: Fox Video (Widescreen)
  • USA
    • Theatrical Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
    • Video Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
    • Laserdisc Distributor: CBS-Fox

Ratings, Classifications and Certificates

  • Australia
    Rating: M
  • Finland
    Rating: K-16
  • France
    Rating: -12
  • Germany
    Rating: 16
  • Ireland
    Rating: 18
  • Netherlands
    Rating: 12
  • Norway
    Rating: 18
  • Spain
    Rating: 18
  • Sweden
    Rating: 15
  • UK
    Rating: 18
  • USA
    Rating: R

Production Information

  • Budget – $50 Million (USA)
  • Gross – £6,552,000 (UK), $55,473,600 (USA)
  • Admissions – 1,649,577 (France), 358,226 (Paris)
  • Rentals – $31,762,000 (USA)

Filming Studio Location

  • Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Bucks (UK)

Release Dates

  • USA/Canada – May 22, 1992
  • UK – August 21, 1992
  • Germany – September 3, 1992
  • Finland – August 28, 1992
  • Sweden – September 25, 1992
  • France – August 26, 1992
  • Spain – September 11, 1992
  • Australia – June 4, 1992
  • Japan – August 22, 1992
  • Netherlands – October 28, 1992

Technical Information

  • Film Negative Format (mm/video inches) – 35mm (Kodak 5294, Kodak 5296)
  • Cinematographic Process – Panavision (Anamorphic)
  • Printed Film Format – 35 mm, 70 mm (Blow-Up)
  • Aspect Ratio – 2.20 : 1 (70mm Prints), 2.35 : 1

Alien: Resurrection Story Synopsis

This time it’s not the greedy company that are after the alien, it’s the United Systems Military (USM). It’s 200 years since the last incident where an alien was encountered, on Fury 161. Onboard the USM Auriga they have been experimenting with the latest technologies of cloning. The research the are doing onboard is unknown even to most of the military.

Ripley has been cloned using DNA samples found on Fury 161. But they have also created the alien embryo growing inside her. After seven failed cloning attempts they succeed with Ripley 8 and surgically remove the queen embryo. Ripley has inherited some of the alien`qualities, such as strength, speed and instinct. But where do her loyalties lie? With the aliens or with the humans?

The Betty is a pirate ship which has hijacked a shipment of cryotubes and delivered them to the USM Auriga for xenomorph experiments. Johner, Christie, Call, Hillard, Vriess and Elgyn come aboard to ensure safe delivery of the cargo and have a few days relaxation on the massive military ship.

But, the aliens are as clever as always and manage to escape from their cells in a rather violent manner, now all 13 xenomorphs are free onboard the ship. The evacuation of the ship is ordered by the commander of military operations, General Perez. Call knows that Ripley has been cloned and thinks she still carries an embryo inside her, thus is very weary when they meet.

The crew of the Betty become stranded on the ship alone, with a few of the Auriga’s crew left, and must find their way through the alien infested ship to escape to the Betty. On the way Call interfaces with the ship’s mainframe, Father, and sets a collision course with Earth.

Ripley encounters her other clones, which were not successful in producing a human or a seperate alien, which they could breed from. They must swim underwater, through a flooded kitchen, near the cooling towers to what they find out to be an ambush set up by the aliens. There are more twists than usual, especially the encounter of the Newborn who has more in common with Ripley than she wants.

The horrific Newborn alien, a xenomorph/human hybrid, kills the Queen inside the hive that was setup in the waste tanks of the Auriga. Ripley and Call escape and manage to reach the Betty. However the Newborn has stolen away on the Betty and escapes the Auriga’s crash landing on Earth. Ripley burns a hole in the hull with her acid blood and the Newborn is sucked out into the vacuum of space. The Betty lands safely on Earth with Ripley, along with Call, Johner and Vriess – the only survivors of the Betty’s crew.