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In Memory of Adrian Biddle

  • Name: Adrian Biddle.
  • Date of Birth: August, 1951.
  • Place of Birth: London, England.
  • Date of Death: December 7, 2005.
  • Cause of Death: Heart Attack.
  • Cast/Crew: Cinematographer (Director of Photography), Camera Crew.
  • Filmography: Alien, Aliens.

Adrian Biddle, a top Hollywood cinematographer, first worked as part of the camera crew in the Bond flick On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in 1969, then began working with Ridley Scott, serving as a camera assistant on The Duellists in 1977 and Alien in 1979. His first feature film as director of photography was with James Cameron in Aliens in 1986, quickly followed by The Princess Bride in 1987 and Willow in 1988. Then two sci-fi action films with Judge Dredd in 1995 and the Paul W.S. Anderson film Event Horizon in 1997. In 1991 he joined forces with Ridley Scott once again, this time as a cinematographer for Thelma and Louise and again with Scott for 1492: The Conquest of Paradise a year later. Biddle captured the essence of the original in the live-action version remake of 101 Dalmatians in 1996 and won acclaim for his superlative lensing of The Butcher Boy in 1998. His last work was as director of photography for V for Vendetta which was released in 2007.

Rest in peace Adrian.

In Memory of Gordon Carroll

  • Name: Gordon Carroll.
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1928.
  • Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • Date of Death: September 20, 2005.
  • Cause of Death: Pneumonia.
  • Cast/Crew: Producer/Executive Producer.
  • Filmography: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection, Alien vs. Predator

Gordon Carroll was one of the Brandywine producers behind the Alien series of movies. Although a native of Baltimore, Gordon was raised in New York City where he was influenced by his father’s love of literature. He received his education from Princeton University in advertising and after military duty as a first Lieutenant in the the Korean War, he returned to Manhattan and entered the advertising world at Foote, Cone and Belding. He began his film career in 1965 as executive producer of How to Murder Your Wife. From there he went on to produce films like Cool Hand Luke, Blue Thunder and Red Heat. Gordon’s last project, which was in namesake of Brandywine Productions if nothing, was as producer of 2004’s Alien vs. Predator. He is survived by his wife Lynne, brother Robert and nephew Gordon.

Rest in peace Gordon.

In Memory of Jerry Goldsmith

  • Name: Jerry Goldsmith.
  • Date of Birth:February 10, 1929.
  • Place of Birth: Pasadena, California, USA.
  • Date of Death: July 21, 2004.
  • Cause of Death: Cancer.
  • Cast/Crew: Composer.
  • Filmography: Alien, Aliens (uncredited).

Jerry Goldsmith was the brilliant composer who created the musical score for Alien. With over 320 credits in film and television to his name, dating back to 1948, Jerry is one of the greatest theatrical composers of all time. He studied piano with Jakob Gimpel and composition, theory and counterpoint with Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He also attended classes in film composition given by Miklos Rozsa at the University of Southern California. He spent most of his early career with CBS radio and television and began in feature films in 1962. Some of his work includes Gunsmoke, The Twilight Zone, The Fugitive, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Planet of the Apes, The Omen, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Rambo: First Blood, Gremlins, Gladiator, The Sum of all Fears, and Kingdom of Heaven just to name a few. Although nominated for an Oscar 17 times Jerry won only once for The Omen in 1976.

Rest in peace Jerry.

In Memory of Morton Downey Jr.

  • Name: Morton Downey Jr.
  • Date of Birth: December 9, 1933.
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • Date of Death: March 12, 2001.
  • Cause of Death: Lung cancer/respiratory failure.
  • Cast/Crew: Actor (Tony Pope).
  • Filmography: Predator 2.

Morton Downey Jr., a colorful television personality, played the colorful television personality Tony Pope in Predator 2. Dubbed ‘Mort the Mouth’ this talk-show host and songwriter, composer, author, actor and singer was educated at New York University. He was a program director and announcer at WPOP in Hartford, Connecticut, and later made several records under his birth name. Joining ASCAP in 1960, some of his popular-song compositions include Now I Lay Me Down to Cry, Ballad of Billy Brown, Flattery, and Don’t Mention My Name. Morton was married 3 times and had 3 children.

Rest in peace Morton.

In Memory of Brian Glover

  • Name: Brian Glover.
  • Date of Birth: April 2, 1934.
  • Place of Birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UK.
  • Date of Death: July 24, 1997.
  • Cause of Death: Brain cancer.
  • Cast/Crew: Actor (Andrews).
  • Filmography: Alien 3.

Brian Glover, a distinguished British actor and writer, played Superintendent Andrews in Alien 3. As a young man Brian frequently fought in wrestling bouts in Barnsley in the early 1960s. He was also a schoolmaster before he turned to acting in 1969. He even did voice-overs for Tetley Tea commercials. At the time of his death Brian had appeared in over 40 works of television and film, many in tough guy roles (many of those as a criminal). Brian was survived by his wife Tara.

Rest in peace Brian.