Dallas, A. J.

Dallas, A. J.

  • Name: A.J. Dallas
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Captain
  • Nationality: United Americas
  • Date of Birth: February 27, 2076 (46)
  • Place of Birth: Wolf Point, Montana, UA
  • Identification Number: 032/V4-07C


Dallas is the captain of the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo and commands his crew with a no-nonsense attitude. He is one of the more older and experienced crew members on board the ship. He graduated from Mercaton Flight Academy at age twenty-three on May 15, 2099, and became a pilot and navigator on the USCSS Snark the next year in March.

In January of 2103 he was assigned to the UTX Ganymede until he served in the United Americas Outer Rim Defense as a Lieutenant, piloting the UAS Leviathan during the Torin Prime Civil War. He was awarded Sunburst Medal of Honor and promoted to Captain by the end of the war in 2108. On December 25, 2109, the UAS Archangel troop carrier, which Dallas was the captain of, was destroyed near Thedus on a peacekeeping mission resulting in the loss of 15,293 lives. Dallas was dishonorably discharged from the WORD a week later.

He became a smuggler aboard the Vidar in 2113 before working for Weyland-Yutani a year later as a freelance cargo hauler with his own ship, the Tremolino. The Tremolino was decommissioned in December of 2119. One month later, Dallas was given command of the Nostromo.

Two years later, the Nostromo’s crew is prematurely awakened on their way back to Earth to investigate a distress signal of unknown origin. Dallas asserts his authority when Parker and Brett demand full shares to land on the planet, as they believe it’s not their job. Specifically, Dallas orders Parker’s silence when Ash explains their contractual obligations.

He consults the ship’s computer and lands the Nostromo on the surface of LV-426, an uncharted moon in 2122. He selects Kane and Lambert to accompany him across the planet’s surface to the location of the beacon, leaving the rest of the crew at the ship. Constant contact is kept with Ash during the trek. Eventually, the search party encounters a large derelict spacecraft, which is inhuman in origin. They discover a dead alien crewmember inside with a hole in its ribcage, the bones bent outward from its body. Kane discovers an opening in the floor of a large chamber and is lowered down from a winch by Dallas and Lambert. Kane is incapacitated by a Facehugger while in the chamber.

Dallas and Lambert carry Kane back to the Nostromo, but are denied entry by Ripley, who does not want to break quarantine. Dallas orders Ripley to open the hatch, but she still refuses. Ash eventually opens the hatch from the inside and lets the three back aboard. Dallas and Ash remove Kane’s helmet and reveal the Facehugger. On Dallas’s order, Ash attempts to remove the organism from Kane’s face, but it bleeds acid onto the deck. The Nostromo remains on the planet’s surface while Parker and Brett make repairs.

During this time, Ripley and Dallas have a conversation about Ash and Ripley’s distrust of him after the Facehugger’s removal from Kane. Dallas states that he does not trust anyone. He and the other crewmembers lament that when they return to Earth they will all be kept in quarantine. When the Kane awakes, the crew has one last meal in the galley. Kane gives birth to a Chestburster and is ejected into space.

Dallas, Lambert, and Ash search the upper decks for the creature while the other three crew members search C-Deck. Brett is killed and Dallas devises a plan to flush the Xenomorph from the ship from the air vents, where they believe it is hiding. Ripley and Ash cover one end of the vents while Parker and Lambert cover another end. Dallas enters the vents armed with a flamethrower and moves towards the third junction, but Lambert detects a second signal on the motion tracker she is using, which is no doubt the Xenomorph moving toward him. Lambert loses the signal when Dallas arrives at the third junction, but then detects it moving in his direction once again. Dallas discovers slime on the floor at his position and decides to get out of the vents. He climbs down a ladder, but the Xenomorph is waiting nearby and the crew loses contact.

Later when Ripley is abandoning ship, she encounters Dallas in the landing leg chamber that Brett was killed in. He is still alive, but is undergoing the transformation process into a Xenomorph egg. Ripley asks what she can do to help, but Dallas tells her to kill him until she does so with the flamethrower.

Memorable Quote

“I don’t trust anybody.”