E3 2009: Preview of Aliens vs. Predator

E3 2009: Preview of Aliens vs. Predator

Written by Jay West

At E3 — “No One Can Hear You Scream” — because it’d be drowned out by the thunderous rapture and symphony of thousands of video games also crying out for attention…!

This past week, I bravely ventured into the all abuzz E3 convention, which is held annually in Los Angeles, California — an event that can be likened to one entering the largest “mothership” in the galaxy — and then being shown the latest and greatest in, and future of, the video game universe. Appropriately enough, I strode in wearing my full bodied Predator suit and helmet — ready for some serious AVP video-game smack-down action. The crowds parted like the Red Sea as I made my way to the Sega booth — where I stopped in front of a massive wall of artwork depicting a fellow Predator entrenched in a grip lock battle between an Alien Warrior and Marine… and the wall itself was saddled with multiple Hi-Def monitors acting as portals into the in-the-works latest APV arena for battle. Looking to my left and right — I saw that no one would dare challenge me — and when I said the immortal words: “Over here…” to those around me — in the manner of the ever discernible and classic “Mac” raspy voice — people really backed off — so I picked up my game controller solitaire to join my Predator brethren in the endless war against what some humans have called Xenomorphs — but we of the proud Predator race know them as something else — the deadliest game and sport.

Well — that’s kinda how it happened… I did in fact go (sans any Predator attire…!) to check out what’s the latest regarding the highly anticipated, work-in-progress AVP game by Sega and Rebellion (who produced the previous AVP video-game incarnations) — and suffice to say — “tie me up and hang me upside down from a tree” that I was quite impressed with what I encountered. The storyline of the video-game takes place approximately 30 years after the events of “Aliens” — and introduces a new planet in the AVP universe — a planet that Predators first inhabited long ago, and that humans have discovered and have been in the process of colonizing. The humans are curious as to some of the mysteries and secrets that the planet holds — and the Predators are far from pleased that they have begun to take up residence and are invading their turf — then an outbreak of Aliens occurs — and one helluva war amongst all three species ensues. Like the classic AVP games of yesteryear — you can choose which character campaign you would like to embark on so as to engage in the story from that particular perspective — and also play in a multiplayer combat mode using all of the characters.

As can be seen from our site’s accompanying exclusive footage of the video-game play from the POV of the Predator — the game captures and parlays the look and feel of the Alien and Predator universe incredibly faithfully — and even though it is a prototype of the game, it served up a good deal of AVP action and combat. The Predator demo game play level climaxed with the PredAlien stomping onto the scene and letting out an intense battle cry — foreshadowing the chaos and pandemonium that is to ensue…! — and we at AXP can confirm you will indeed face off against other hybrid Aliens — and of course, her majesty and our “den mother” — the Queen Alien!

After my Predator battle, I was then led into a “secret bunker” style enclosure — and all of the sudden — I was thrown into the midst of a battle of Marines vying to survive an onslaught of Aliens — which I also viewed in vivid Hi-Def picture accompanied by dynamic Dolby Surround Sound..! It was almost as if I had been ported into the battle on LV-426 in “Aliens” and given the POV of Ripley and the Marines — when they were forced to take a last stand against yet another wave of Aliens who had infiltrated the Weyland-Yutani colony. When you play from this perspective, you’ll also have access to the iconic sentry guns as featured in the special edition of Cameron’s “Aliens” — fortifying your defensive positioning and aiding you in tactical attacks..! “The Company” still deemed this gameplay from the Marines vantage point as classified and confidential — so you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you see imagery from this perspective surface. After that, Sega will be unveiling the Aliens POV gameplay — as their plan is to methodically release each character campaign individually in the build up to AVP’s release in early 2010 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC platforms. Ah… to live vicariously as a Predator, Alien, or Colonial Marine — all should aspire to such greatness…

Wait a minute — our “Mother” computer has picked up a signal…. it’s coming in clearly now — and here it is..! — we at AXP have an exclusive detail regarding the gameplay from the Aliens: Colonial Marines video-game — which is still in the works and is now scheduled to be released approximately a year after the AVP video-game. As we’ve previously said about the game, it will involve gameplay with Marines discovering the abandoned Sulaco from the end of Cameron’s “Aliens”. Famed artist Syd Mead, who has contributed his fantastic artistry to classic movies such as “Aliens”, “Tron”, and “Blade Runner”, designed the original Sulaco ship in Cameron’s “Aliens” — and was brought onto the Aliens: Colonial Marines video-game project to complete the full interior design of ship. Up until now, the Sulaco setting was the only known setting for the gameplay — but we at AXP have been informed that, not only will players be able to explore and journey through that classic “Aliens” setting — but you will also be returning to LV-426 and will be able to VENTURE INTO THE DERELICT OF THE SPACE JOCKEY FROM THE ORIGINAL “ALIEN”!

Suffice to say, with the video-game release of AVP and Aliens: Colonial Marines released thereafter — AVP fans and gamers will be able to immerse themselves in authentic and inspired gameplay from the entire Alien and Predator universe — and there are more surprises to come…! — we at AXP thank Sega and Rebellion for their courtesy — and we’ll continue to keep you, our readers, posted with the latest on these incredible video-games…!

– Jay West