Japanese Limited Edition AVP 2 Collector’s Box

Japanese Limited Edition AVP 2 Collector’s Box

A shipment arrived at my door this past Friday… a large box containing a “special cargo”.

What’s this “special cargo”?

Could it be the hijacked Alien eggs that I’d paid “Weyland-Yutani” my entire life savings for so as to finally breed my own Alien master race…? Alas — no…

Yet, it was indeed something special… something that the “company” had sent to tide me over until then… The box featured artwork and graphics which reflected its contents (see pictures below) — and while one could very well be tempted to leave all of the contents in the box for “collectors” reasons — I chose to subscribe to the philosophy parlayed in the original “Toy Story” movie — which was to open up the box up and actually ENJOY the items!

Here it was… a limited edition (from an edition size of 3000), collector’s box from Japan with an AVP 2 DVD two disc set (in Japan, the movie was released as AVP 2 rather than AVP-R — however, the title credits of the movie do show as AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator Requiem). Also in the box, an incredible 18″ Predalien figure lie in wait — accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

I first pulled out the Predalien figure whose limbs, tail, head and torso were all well secured by ties in a plastic housing (the figure comes with interchangeable hands for different poses) — and upon assembly (which took mere seconds), this superbly detailed and ornate figure (with the unique characteristic of head wounds from the “Wolf” Predator wrist blades per the climax tete-a-tete battle of AVP 2 — a trait found only in this figure) stood a dramatic 18″ inches in height — making it a perfect showcase figure for one’s collectibles. The Predalien figure also features a protruding inner tongue that can be extended or retracted with a lever from underneath the Predalien head. As well, the figure has a translucent domed skull area that mimics the exact styling of the front of its head as seen in the movie. Overall, the figure reminded me considerably of the original 1979 Alien Kenner figure that also resides in my collection.

I then viewed the DVD set (Region 2 DVDs), which contained the “uncut” version of AVP 2 on one disc — and then the second DVD disc, which was dedicated to supplemental/special features that consisted of featurettes and still galleries. The second disc included all of the featurettes found on the US DVD and Blu-Ray releases — as well as three additional featurettes not contained in those versions — the first of these was entitled: “Primitive Design: Creating the Predator” — whereas Tom Woodruff Jr., Alec Gillis, and Colin and Greg Strause discussed the conception of the Predator by Stan Winston, and addressed the aesthetic evolutions of the Predators and their weaponry in each subsequent movie. In addition to movie clips from all of the Predator and AVP films, an excellent array of concept art is shown. Colin Strause punctuates discussing the artwork by saying: “You could make the next forty movies just based upon the (amazing) concepts we had (that ADI created).” The remaining two “extra” featurettes were “Science of the Xenomorph” and “Science of the Hunter (Predator)” — both of which should definitely be of interest to any Alien, Predator, or Sci-fi aficionado. The most intriguing aspect about these two featurettes was the style in which both were produced — whereas they were treated in the same manner as one would discuss a topic or subject on the “Discovery” channel — with NASA engineers, university professors, writers, artists, and AXP’s very own Mike Lynch providing commentary and insight in establishing symmetric scientific credibility for our beloved xenomorphs (both species) — which was a welcome, fresh approach to “behind the scenes” material.

The Japanese Limited Edition AVP2 Collector’s Box is an excellent collectible and entertainment experience — this unique boxed set can be ordered directly through the Amazon Japan site.