Kane, G. W.

Kane, G. W.

  • Name: G.W. Kane
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Engineer
  • Nationality: United Kingdom/EU (Dual Citizenship)
  • Date of Birth: April 20, 2083 (39)
  • Place of Birth: Borehamwood/Herts, UK/EU
  • Identification Number: 825/G9-01K


Kane is the Executive Officer aboard the Weyland-Yutani USCSS Nostromo serving under Dallas, the ship’s captain. Kane is one of the more soft-spoken crewmembers; although he does assert his authority when need be. Kane’s future at first seemed promising when at age 17 he graduated with honors from Weatherly Private School in May 2100. Four years later, he graduated from Gunning Foss Military School, again with honors at the top of his class. During the next four years, Kane was enrolled at Bryce-Watkins Medical School, but was expelled in February of 2108 for substance abuse. He was successfully treated for stress and drug-induced embolism.

In 2112, Kane began a year spent on Konor Minor at an archeological dig. He met Dr. Elisabeth Monygham during this time and married her two years later. A year after their marriage, Monygham was killed on Kellerat (LB-329) in a decompression accident. Only months later, in December, Kane was assigned to the UK/EU Colonial Expedition to the Outer Rim Territories. He was assigned as the mission analyst. Two years later Kane was assigned to the UK/EU HMS Sabretooth as First Officer. He started working for Weyland-Yutani a year later when he was assigned to the WY USCSS Kenamor as Executive Officer. Kane served on the Kenamor for a little over a year when on January 5, 2120, he was assigned as the Executive Officer aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Lambert was assigned the same day as the ship’s Navigator.

Kane exemplifies good leadership traits during his time on the Nostromo and takes his job seriously. In 2122, the Nostromo’s computer wakes the crew; Kane is the first to wake. He accompanies Dallas and Lambert on an excursion across the surface of LV-426 to investigate a transmission of unknown origin. The three discover a derelict, non-human spacecraft on the surface. Kane encourages an uneasy Lambert to push on and investigate the ship first hand, and also is the first to discover the Space Jockey inside the ship. Upon closer investigation, Kane finds an opening in the floor near the dead creature and is lowered down via a rope attached to a winch. He further explores the large egg-filled chamber below, but as he is describing his settings to Dallas he slips and falls onto the ground with the eggs. Confirming that he is not injured, he approaches a solitary egg, studying it and describing it to Dallas. The egg stirs and opens, and as he approaches it, weapon drawn, a Facehugger pounces out and incapacitates him.

Dallas and Lambert carry his body back to the Nostromo, where Ash disobeys a direct order from Ripley and lets them in. Dallas and Ash are able to cut Kane’s helmet off to find that the Facehugger is directly attached to his face, having melted through his helmet with acid. After some unsuccessful attempts to remove it, the Facehugger detaches itself and dies in the infirmary.

Kane eventually becomes conscious, but when asked, claims he has no memory of LV-426 and only remembers a dream about “smothering.” During one last meal before re-entering hypersleep, the crew laugh and joke in the galley. As Kane laughs, he begins to choke and convulse. Parker and the others try to hold him down and a first spurt of blood comes out of his chest. Another short struggle takes place ending in a Chestburster emerging from Kane. The birth kills him instantly. The Chestburster runs from Kane’s twitching body and escapes into the ship. A speechless crew ejects his body into space.

Memorable Quote

“Wait a minute. There’s movement. There seems to be life… organic life.”