Lambert, J. M.

Lambert, J. M.

  • Name: J.M. Lambert
  • Gender: Female
  • Assignment: USCSS Nostromo
  • Position: Navigator
  • Nationality: United American
  • Date of Birth: November 7, 2093 (29)
  • Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada, UA
  • Identification Number: 971/L6-02P


Lambert is the Nostromo’s navigator. She is known for her cowardly attitude and reluctance to follow Ripley’s orders. She received a Masters in Astro Cartography in May of 2112 from the New Ontario University. She began an internship about a month later at Ridton Corporation in the Astro Cartography Department in London and a few months later married the director of the department, Xander Chapman. Lambert soon began working as a shipping lane trafficator for Farside Lunar Mining on Luna and did so for about two years.

When she finished her assignment there in February of 2114, she divorced Xander Chapman. Lambert was assigned to Red Star Line that same month to work on the Infinity as the Assistant Navigator. About a year later she was assigned to the Ridton Corp vessel Leggatt as the Navigator and Communications Officer.

After three years, she married Lordan Husset, the ship’s Executive Officer and divorced him two years later after working on the Weyland-Yutani scout ship Adowa. Two days after the divorce in January of 2120, Lambert was assigned to the Nostromo along with Kane.

When the Nostromo receives a distress signal in 2122 and the crew is awakened, Lambert discovers where the ship has actually ended up. After hearing the transmission, Dallas and Kane volunteer to exit the ship and travel on foot to the source of the signal. Dallas volunteers Lambert to go as well. Lambert tends to be more apprehensive about the whole thing and suggests the team turn back as they approach the derelict ship, though Dallas asserts his authority and tells her to knock it off. She and Dallas wait as Kane explores the bowels of the craft, and the two end up having to carry Kane’s incapacitated body back to the Nostromo.

Lambert, Dallas, and Ripley share a heated exchange when Ripley refuses to allow the three to re-enter the ship. Lambert attacks Ripley in the infirmary shortly after Ash lets them in. As new developments with Kane occur, the Nostromo re-enters space and continues its course. Lambert estimates a ten-month journey back to Earth where they crew believes they will be quarantined. When Kane regains consciousness, the crew decides to have a final meal before going back into hypersleep. When Kane is killed at the table, a stream of his blood shoots right into Lamberts face, horrifying her. Later, she accompanies Ash and Dallas on their attempt to hunt down the Chestburster, but they end up finding nothing and gather in the galley when Brett is killed.

After planning an attempt at flushing the Alien out of the air ducts, Lambert waits with Parker at one end of the vent shafts and maintains contact with Dallas until he himself disappears. At this point, Lambert becomes a nervous wreck. She and Parker intervene when Ash attacks Ripley later, though Lambert waits until Ash is on top of Parker to actually do anything. She takes the cattle prod that Brett constructed and decommissions Ash. Lambert stands by with Parker as Ripley gets answers out of Ash. Ripley finally decides that they will have to take their chances in the Narcissus, which means that Parker and Lambert need to gather coolant from other parts of the Nostromo.

While the two are separated from Ripley on C Deck, Lambert turns to see the Alien enter the room and enters a state of shock. Parker pleads with her to move away so he doesn’t kill her along with the Xenomorph, but she is too scared to budge. He tries to attack the Alien from behind but is easily overpowered as Lambert watches. At this point Ripley is already on her way to help. The Alien turns to Lambert and Ripley hears the disturbing sounds of her death over the com channels before discovering her body.

Memorable Quote

“I like griping.”